Elaine’s areas of teaching specialty include the history of American architecture and urbanism, material culture, consumer culture and spaces, historic preservation theory and practice, vernacular architecture, and cultural landscape studies. 

Independently Developed Courses

  • History, Memory, and the Built Environment
  • Historic Preservation Theory and Practice in the U.S.
  • Professional Practice in Historic Preservation
  • American Cultural Landscapes
  • Spaces of Consumption
  • New Histories of the Urban Edge

Courses Taught as a Graduate Instructor

  • American Cultural Landscapes, 1600-1900 and 1900-present
  • History of Architecture and Urbanism, Baroque - present
  • The San Francisco Bay Area: Landscape, Culture, Politics, 1930-1941



    Student Reviews

    Elaine was a fantastic GSI. She was very accessible to students. I visited her during her office hours on multiple occasions and always came away feeling satisfied and brimming with new ideas.
    — History of Architecture and Urbanism, UC Berkeley
    I appreciated that she reached out when she saw I was struggling. Most GSIs I’ve had would not have taken the time. After mid-term evaluations, she took what we said and changed how she taught us.
    — The San Francisco Bay Area, UC Berkeley
    Elaine was a wonderful GSI who always provided thoughtful and incisive feedback on course work and discussions on larger themes presented in lecture.
    — The San Francisco Bay Area, UC Berkeley
    Elaine is a great instructor with an amazing attitude that invites you to share thoughts without fear. Her section was critical in my understanding of the course material.
    — The San Francisco Bay Area, UC Berkeley